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Valdi Ivancic – A visionary inventor and keynote speaker

Valdi Ivancic is a visionary inventor and keynote speaker with a passion for making the world a better place. With a background in entrepreneurship and high-tech innovations, Mr. Ivancic has built a successful career as a serial entrepreneur with several patented inventions in space technology. He has also worked extensively as a teacher and keynote speaker, sharing his expertise with high school and college students, as well as training teachers.

As an entrepreneur and inventor, Mr. Ivancic has founded and led multiple startups in high-tech and space technology, including Medison Group, Intelligentia International, United Keys, and Spacians. He has patented multiple inventions and is working on patents that will revolutionize space technology and contribute to the advancement of space powered solar energy and 7G internet. Mr. Ivancic has built and managed high-performing teams, overseeing all aspects of business operations and product development.

As a keynote speaker and teacher, Mr. Ivancic has delivered speeches on innovation, entrepreneurship, A.I. and space technology at numerous industry events and conferences. He has designed and led educational programs for high school and college students, inspiring and mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. Additionally, he has developed and delivered training programs for teachers, sharing his expertise and experience with educators to help them better prepare their students for the future, including the adaptation to use A.I.

Looking towards the future, Mr. Ivancic is currently focused on solving the world’s energy crisis and combating climate change by developing innovative, sustainable energy solutions. He is also working on the development of 7G net, a revolutionary communication technology that will enable lightning-fast data transfer and transform the way we connect with each other.

Mr. Ivancic possesses strong leadership and team management skills, with a proven track record of building and leading successful teams as well as highly successful in raising venture capital. He is an innovative thinker with a talent for identifying and solving complex problems. Mr. Ivancic has excellent communication skills, with the ability to deliver engaging and informative speeches and presentations.

Mr. Ivancic holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering in Design and Product Development and Teachers Education in Math and Science. He is multilingual and awarded for several prestigious achievements.